How to: Link Building using expired domain names

Are you looking for more visitors to your website? Link building is an essential part of SEO (search engine optimization). We will show you how to build links using expired domain names. Does that sound interesting? Are you interested?

Two important benefits come from a good link between your website and another site:

  • Quality links are a direct link from another website to yours, which generates more traffic.
  • High quality links will improve your search engine ranking and increase traffic.

You have many options to obtain quality links to your site. One way is to use expired domain names. Your own website will be called the “primary site” in the remainder of this article.

Many companies have succeeded in purchasing and using domain names that were canceled. This domain name has already been canceled and contains content, inbound link history, authority, and other information. It will give you a solid foundation to build on and can save you valuable time.

Google has been more critical of link building in recent years. This makes it harder than ever. It can still be an effective strategy in your SEO strategy, provided you are aware of what you’re doing.

Where can you buy domain names that have expired with authority?

DropCatch’s domain name auction listing will provide a list of domain names from various ccTLDs which are due to expire in the near future. It is easy to find relevant data for each domain name. This allows you to determine if a domain name is suitable or not for link building. Once you have found the domain name you want, you can make a bid.

DropCatch will register the domain name after the auction ends (also known as Drop Catching). How do you determine which domain names are suitable for link building?

Choose the right domain name to build links and traffic

It is crucial to choose the right domain name. It is important to get a return on investment. You don’t want the search engines to penalize you for choosing the wrong domain name. Here are some things to remember when purchasing expired domains with traffic. This will allow you to get more traffic and better placement in search engines.

1. You can search for domain names that are relevant to your primary site. has a search function that allows you to enter keywords. The search function will immediately return a list of domain names that contain the keyword you choose. You can add the keyword to the free alert list if it isn’t already. You’ll receive an email whenever a domain name that contains this keyword is added into the auctioned domain list.

2. After you have found the right domain name, check out the Domain Authority score. This information can be viewed in the CatchTiger Expert overview. Traffic is more likely if the authority is higher.

3. The Majestic Citation flow and Majestic Trust flow are two other evaluations that can be used to verify domain name authority. Both evaluations can be found in CatchTiger’s Expert Overview. The Trust Ratio is a measure of trust flow/citation flow. The Trust Ratio of a website with many inbound links (Higher Citation Flow) is low. A higher Trust Ratio is indicative of more quality inbound linking.

4. You can also look at the number backlinks if the trust and authority ratio is high. This information is easily found in CatchTiger’s Expert Overview. You have a better chance of authority and traffic if you have more backlinks.

5. You want to find out how long a domain name has been online? Look at the score. The archive score is an indicator of how often the website has been indexed by and how long it has been online. You can also see the website to determine if it is a real company.

You might want to do more than the expired domains metrics and research the domain before you buy them for traffic or link-building. Take a look at these points:

1. Once you’ve found a proper domain name, make sure it’s indexed by Google by searching Google for “site:”. In addition, you can also search for “” to see how often Google finds this domain name on other websites.

2. Verify that the domain name does not have a spam score. You can check this with the free tool Higher spam scores mean more inbound links to spam websites.

3. Google will show you any negative publicity about the brand.

Participation in the domain auction is possible if all the above factors are positive. The auction starts at EUR25. CatchTiger will attempt to register the domain name once the highest bidder has been identified. Once this has been completed, it is time to move on to the next step.

How can you increase traffic to your domain and get a higher ranking in search engines?

There are two possible ways to use a domain name. A 301 redirect to your primary website or an underlying website within a network is the simplest and most straightforward way to use a domain name.

This has the disadvantage that over time, the link value will decrease. This means that your domain’s value also drops. While this may give you a short-term boost, it is not sustainable over the long-term.

It is also important to ensure that the domain name linking directly to your primary site is high quality. This will prevent your primary website from being contaminated by links.

You can create content that is relevant to your domain name. Search engines don’t like link networks. You need to be creative to get the best results.

With your domain names purchased, create a secondary or third website. You can build a network of websites that will boost the primary site’s ranking in search engines and generate more traffic. Here are some steps you can take to create your network.

1. To create a secondary website that is unique and relevant to your primary website, you should use the cleanest domain names.

2. Your domain name is now authoritative and has seen a boost in traffic. It’s important to maintain this authority and increase it. Writing guest blogs, signing in to forums and quality directories are all good ways to do this. For a comprehensive overview of SEO link-building strategies, visit the blog Link building Strategy.

3. It’s time for you to start building your tertiary website network if you already have quality secondary websites linking to your primary site. You’ll only use domain names with value already released. Domain names with lower authority can be used for your tertiary network. There are more options. It is important to ensure that these domain names are clean and meet the requirements discussed earlier.

4. You create blogs or mini-sites on your tertiary website with content that is relevant to your primary website. This tertiary site should be linked to your secondary website.

You can also build a quaternary network if you wish to expand on this. Here are the top issues to consider when creating your network.

1. Start to create a network blueprint. This will help you select the best domain names and give you an overview.

2. You should always be in control of the links that cross networks. You can remove a link from a website that has been penalized by Google.

3. You should host multiple websites at different locations so they don’t connect through the same IP address. SEO hosting is another option. This service allows each website to be hosted on its own IP address. They are not associated with one another. This is a great resource for more information.


Expired domain names are a great way to increase your primary website and can be a great addition in your overall SEO strategy.

Building your own website network might also be of interest to third parties. In exchange for links from others, you can make link requests to secondary and tertiary websites.

But, it is important to remember that building your own website network can be a tedious task. To acquire the best domain names, write quality content, and rank for relevant keywords, you need a plan.

Have questions about buying SEO domain names? We are here to help.

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