How to get a review link for Google My Business (Updated for 2021)

You want more Google reviews. This is a great idea!

You can make it easier for customers to review your business by creating a Google Review link that links directly to your Google My Business listing.

It’s simple to get a Google My Business review link. You don’t need an online Google My Business review generator. Your link is accessible right from your Google My Business dashboard.

Let me show you how to get unique links for you and why it is important for your online reputation and SEO.

How to get a Google Review Link in Google My Business

  1. Log in at
  2. Search for the correct listing. Select the one that you wish to link to.
  3. Click the Home tab. There are a lot of boxes on the “Home” tab. Scroll down until you find the one that says “Get More Reviews.” Click that box to “Share your profile” or “Share review forms” button.
  4. Copy the link from the popup. The popup will display your full Google review link! This is the one that you want. This link will take the customer to your listing. The review box will immediately appear.
  5. Copy this link and email it to your self for quick reference.
  6. To get more feedback, send it to some clients!

What do you do once you have a Google Review Link?

It is tempting to grab your review link and send an email asking for reviews to everyone you know.

Stop! ? Do not send mass emails.

If you get multiple reviews in a single day, there are two problems:

  1. Future visitors to your listing may find it strange or unusual. “This business received all 12 reviews last week?” That’s not right
  2. Google might flag suspicious review activity and filter out some reviews. Your time and that of your client has been wasted.

Do this instead:

  1. You can make a list of people from whom you would like reviews. You can include anyone who has had an honest experience with your company.
  2. You can ask 3-5 people per week to review your work, and the reviews will slowly but surely trickle in.

> To get more tips, see my article 3 Easy Steps to Get More Reviews from Google

SEO: Why are reviews important?

Are you interested in your business appearing higher on Google? Review your Google My Business listing.

Many local SEO studies have found a correlation between reviews and higher Google rankings. Local SEO Guide’s study found that reviews are a major factor in ranking in Google My Business Pack results.

It is crucial to get more reviews if your SEO efforts are focused on quality. Making it easy for customers is the key to more online reviews.

Use Your Review Link to Seek More Reviews

You want your customers to be as comfortable as possible when you ask them for reviews.

Customers may not be able to find the right place to review you on Google if they are asked to do so. Instead, send them a link to your Google My Business review box.

My role as an SEO consultant in the wedding industry is to generate a link for review for clients. This allows them to easily request reviews from every customer. It’s been my experience that businesses with positive reviews have a system in place to ask for feedback after each customer experience. You can do it too!

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