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About Us: (Kind of the point of this whole page)

So, if you're here its because you care what Digital Fruit is all about. And thats wonderful, because there is a whole lot that we're about, but not all of it may be for you. So, we've taken the time and liberty to set this up and point you in the right direction. As all good stories go, lets start at the beginning, and maybe you'll get to the pick-your-own-adventure part before you know it.

Okay, Digital Fruit started in January of 2010, (if you want to get exact, it was the 11th, and a Monday), with a clearly defined goal; to entertain you. Digital Fruit is, as far as we are concerned, a digital entertainment media provider, but since that is such a mouthful, we usually shorten it to just media provider. Images, gossip, video, games, music, and movies, you can expect all of it from Digital Fruit and so much more.

But as Digital Fruit struggled in its first stage of development to come to grips with its identity, we realized that something didn't feel whole. We wanted to provide our customers with the best possible experience in digital entertainment, and we couldn't exactly guarantee that just by providing the content. So, we decided to go old-school, if you will, and run things like an old-fashion full-service gas station. You know the kind, or have at least heard of them, where you you could get your gas, get your car repaired, get your fluids changed, wash your windows, get some groceries, make a phone call, and rent a movie, all in one place. So we provide the tech support to help keep your digital media safe and running. We teach you how to use you electronics. We sell you the electronics so you can watch/play/listen to our content. We do research on what things you want your media to be and how best to get it to you. We even provide electricity to keep your devices powered. And why? Because we are seriously committed to entertainment media. (Heck, we even work on business computers so you don't have to stay late working on things, so you can get back home and relax.)

(Read on below to learn more about each section of Digital Fruit↓)

Digital Entertainment

With Digital Fruit starting out as a digital entertainment provider, we have been working on developing a simple, quick, and efficient model for getting out high-quality content to you. What that translates to is using less to provide you with more, so we can keep the costs of entertainment reasonable. We produce cartoons, both traditional animation and CG animation, along with live-action material and video games. We also work with new talent in the music industry, and are developing a system of resources to help get local content to local people in each area we operate in. We also provide media production services for those trying to create movies, music, or video games of their own. All of this, just so we can put a smile on your face.

With our current resources, our pipeline in limited, so content will be something of a trickle. But as we get more people on board, and more support from our customers, things will turn into something of a waterfall. Be prepared, you may need some galoshes. This isn't to say that we prefer quantity over quality, though, because our goal, as we already stated, is to make you smile. Sub-par production doesn't make anyone smile, especially when there is so much out their left to be created. We work every day to find the best method to making things you like to watch, see and do.

Tech Support

Because we don't live in a perfect world, there will always be things that interrupt your enjoyment of your favorite things. If your favorite things happen to be dependent on computers and digital devices, those interruptions can be very serious at times. In an effort to smooth out the wrinkles handed to us in life, Digital Fruit provides full-service tech support, from virus removal to hardware replacement, and even basic file-recovery. We want to keep your digital life as hassle-free as possible. In any of the areas we operate, we even provide at-home or on-site setup and training, to make absolutely certain you enjoy your digital experience.

Electrical Production

Now this part really has more to do with us than with our customers, but we hope our efforts spill over to provide better product and experience for our valued guests. Digital Fruit, since it's beginnings, has know the importance electrical production has on our business. But with the rapidly rising number of digital devices in the United States and around the world, the demand on the electrical grid is taxing our ability to produce, and things won't be getting easier. With electric cars taking the lime-light, and more mobile computing devices then ever before, Digital Fruit is taking steps now to provide for our electrical future. Doing research into how to more efficiently manage the power grid, and how to better gather and store electrical energy, we hope to do our part to ensure computer technology works tomorrow as well as it does today.

So In Conclusion...

We here at Digital Fruit thank you for taking the time to read up about us and to learn who we are and what we do. We plan to expand this article in the future, but until then, we hope this tells you what you need to know. Until next time, catch you on the flip side.