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Infected E-mail

So here's one that I recieved in an e-mail the other day from a friend's old e-mail account.
All that came to my e-mail account was a message from my friend, and that link. I checked it out, and all I can say is that it screamed malware. Don't visit it. And if you get an e-mail containing it from a friend, inform them by phone that their e-mail has been infected.


So, here are some phone numbers that we have found to be tele-marketing scams. If you have the ability to block them on your phone, do so.

Acai Berry

And one of my personal favorites, the massive online scourge, the acai berry campaign. This system of fake adds has found its roots as deep as a fake company working out of Florida, claiming business locations in Nigeria, where the Florida company hosts its website.

Here is a fake page that has been engineered to look like a legitimate news site, but is simply a giant Acai Berry supplement ad.

Verdict: Definite Scam. I have been personally contacted by the state of Washington about this issue, and they have informed me that this is a verified scam, and that they are persuing legal action against them. The above listed site is just one of many, but should be avoided at all costs.

Shop CV

This one was brought to my attention by my father. Its a fake retail outlet that has a bad reputation of annoying tele-marketing and a lack of refunds. Consumer complaint website has this complaint filed by a memeber,
They also have 51 filed complaints from the Better Business Bureu ( and an F ranking without acctually being accredited.

Verdict: Definite Scam. I would avoid this company at any cost. They have had to change their name and run their website under a different name than their company. This is a red flag indicator to me. So, that's my opinion

United Nations Foundation Email Scam

So here's a new one for me, though from my research I've found out its been circulating for a while. A variation on the Nigerian prince email started in the ninties, this scam sends you an email with an attached letter that looks something like THIS. The UN Foundation's website has had so many questions about this, its actually a part of the FAQ about the foundation. The emails change, and I'm trying to get a list of all the different ones that have been used over the years.

Verdict: Definite Scam. This one should flag just about anyones too good to be true radar, but just in case, I've spelled it out.