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Digital Fruit Does Print

So, here we are at the launch point for one of my biggest passions in life, the written word. Digital Fruit would be here if it weren't for the love of reading and writting so many of us share, and so it is with that idea at heart the Digital Fruit moves in to the relm of electronically printed publication. We are striving to bring you the best of what Digital Fruit has to offer, and bring you literature that both entertains and enriches your experience. So, join us on e-readers and computer screens across the world, and we also make the commitment to work towards a published hard copy once we have the resources in place.

Linux Gamer Monthly

Our first publication is something we here feel is needed for the survival of the entertainment industry, and so we hope you will show it the support it needs and deserves. Here for you viewing pleasure is Linux Gamer Monthly, a pubilcation not devoted to Linux, but to games available on the web-footed OS, in all its different variations. Each month we will showcase different game titles, with maps, tips and tricks, along with articles on the state of gaming in Linux in general, and on the greater state of the gaming world. With an intended launch in November of 2013, right in time to help with some of the biggest holiday shopping woes, we hope you will all enjoy the content we have to offer.

Here is the working blog for Linux Gamer Monthly, with listings about what's to come, and stand alone articles as they come up:
Linux Gamer Monthly Blog